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Love 4 Paws

Canine Rehabilitation Therapy

 Animal Reiki

 Elana Titus is a Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher.

 What Is Reiki and How Does It Work?

Touch has an important factor in the well being of all living creatures, both human and animal. A loving touch not only soothes pain but also helps heal many injuries and illnesses. We use our hands to touch and soothe, while dogs, cats and horses lick and nuzzle their injuries and those of their companions. Infused with the warm energy of Reiki - the Universal Life Force Energy - touch enters a whole new realm of healing and comfort.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying the hands on different parts of the body, and this has been practiced by many cultures for thousands of years. Reiki is a very simple yet powerful technique that can be easily learned by anyone. There are many kinds of healing energy, but not all healers use Reiki. Reiki is a special kind of healing energy than can only be channeled by someone who has been attuned to it. Reiki is life energy that is guided by the Higher Power, Universe, God, Source, or whatever it is that you believe in.

 Check out the Healing Quest's TV segment with Kathleen Prasad, the founder of Animal Reiki Source, and how Animal Reiki can help the animals in our lives.

Animals Often Help With Their Treatment

An animal's reaction to Reiki can vary from falling asleep to being fidgety and restless, or getting up and moving around. Some animals focus intently on the practitioner's hands and may even lick them, trying to get the energy out. Others will adjust their position under the hands to better utilize the treatment. Some will even learn to recognize a Reiki practitioner and seek out treatments from them.

What Reiki Can Do

It is important to remember that while Reiki is a very strong force, it is not a substitute for proper Veterinary care. A Reiki practitioner does not diagnose illness, since only a Veterinarian is licensed to do so. A Reiki practitioner facilitates the healing and relief that Reiki can bring. "Reiki works as an effective complement to other healing systems, accelerating the action of other therapies and decreasing side effects", notes Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad of the Animal Reiki Center in the San Fransisco Bay area. Reiki can also ease emotional issues such as separation anxiety, phobias, or distress stemming from trauma or abuse.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I remind myself of the following Reiki Ideals.  

The Original Reiki Ideals

The secret art of inviting happiness

The miraculous medicine of all diseases

Just for today, do not be angry

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people

Every morning and evening join your hands in prayer,

pray these words to your heart,

and chant these words with your mouth

Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind

The founder - Usui Mikao

Animal Reiki Code of Ethics

This is the Love 4 Paws commitment as an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

A commitment that begins with a self-healing journey and moves towards the animals, the animal's families, the animal health care profession and the community itself. It is this inner commitment that motivates us in our mission to bring the wonderful healing energy of Reiki to the animals in our lives, but also to uphold the highest standards and protocols for our developing Animal Reiki profession. 

Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics

Developed by Kathleen Prasad, Founder of Animal Reiki Source

Guiding Principles:

  • I believe the animals are equal partners in the healing process.
  • I honor the animals as being not only my clients, but also my teachers in the journey of healing.
  • I understand that all animals have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, to which Reiki can bring profound healing responses.
  • I believe that bringing Reiki to the human/animal relationship is transformational to the human view of the animal kingdom.
  • I dedicate myself to the virtues of humility, integrity, compassion and gratitude in my Reiki practice.

In working on myself, I follow these practices:

  • I incorporate the Five Reiki Precepts into my daily life and Reiki practice.
  • I commit myself to a daily practice of self-healing and spiritual development so that I can be a clear and strong channel for healing energy.
  • I nurture a belief in the sacred nature of all beings, and in the value and depth of animalkind as our partners on this planet.
  • I listen to the wisdom of my heart, remembering that we are all One.

In working in the community, I hold the following goals:

  • I model the values of partnership, compassion, humility, gentleness and gratitude in my life and with the animals, teaching by example.
  • I work to create professional alliances and cooperative relationships with other Reiki practitioners/teachers, animal health-care providers and animal welfare organizations in my community.
  • I strive to educate my community in its understanding of the benefits of Reiki for animals.
  • I continually educate myself to maintain and enhance my professional competence so that I uphold the integrity of the profession.
  • I consider myself an ally to the veterinary and animal health community. I work to support their efforts in achieving animal wellness and balance. I honor other disciplines and their practitioners.

In working with the human companions of the animals, I will:

  • Share information before the treatment about my healing philosophy, the Reiki healing system and what to expect in a typical treatment, as well as possible outcomes, including the possibility of healing reactions.
  • Provide a clear policy ahead of time regarding fees, length of treatment and cancellation policy, as well as "postponement" policy, should the animal not want the treatment that day.
  • Never diagnose. I will always refer clients to a licensed veterinarian when appropriate.
  • Honor the privacy of the animals and their human companions.
  • Share intuition received during Reiki treatments, with compassion and humility, for the purpose of supporting their understanding of the healing process.
  • Respect the human companion's right to choose the animal's healing journey, selecting the methods, both holistic and/or conventional that he or she deems most appropriate, with the support and advice of a trusted veterinarian.

In working with the animals, I follow these guidelines:

  • I work in partnership with the animal.
  • I always ask permission of the animal before beginning, and respect his or her decision to accept or refuse any treatment. I listen intuitively and observe the animal's body language in determining the response.
  • I allow each animal to choose how to receive his or her treatment; thus each treatment could be a combination of hands-on, short distance and/or distant healing, depending on the animal's preference.
  • I let go of my expectations about how the treatment should progress and/or how the animal should behave during the treatment, and simply trust Reiki.
  • I accept the results of the treatment without judgment and with gratitude toward Reiki and the animal's openness and participation in the process.

Copyright © 2007, Animal Reiki Source